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Call to Order: 7:15 PM, Ken Montgomery, Karen Tussey, Chris Zuschlag

Attendees: Noreen Moore

Approval of September minutes: M/S/C Ken Montgomery, Chris Zuschlag

Presidents Report: Ken Montgomery – No mailing for now, could do Oak Creek & Yampa bills monthly, Stagecoach does a quarterly newsletter, contact Ken Burgess for information, for info on the water bills. Morrison Water District mailing could be used as well for ads.
Donna Corrigan’s staff will help with this set up and printing.

Vice-President Chris Zuschlag: No real report, discussion about business in the area.

Treasurer: Denise not present.

Secretary: Karen Tussey - Web Site – Chrysti needs a business description of each members business to be able to key word searches through the web page.
Basic web page workshop design is needed for our members and we should be doing this in the New Year.
Chrysti would like to use her payment for one month to be able to list her business on our web site. Approved for her to do this by members present.

Enterprise Zone: Most businesses do not know of the opportunities in our area. We will need to do this workshop/meeting again for our businesses to make sure everyone knows about it and they can inform their accountants of these opportunities.

Other Business: Routt County was one of 14 counties to receive some funding for energy audits of municipal buildings. The Library was funded for solar panels and has been plumed, and a Mt Werner feasibility study for hydro-power is being done. Solid waste will become a component to our everyday lives. Performance contracts will become the norm as to what we would save on all businesses in towns and cities. They do the retro fitting and if we do not save what they said , then they will pay the difference. Grants can then be used per the dollar match saved per the performance contract. The Governors Office will not work with individual communities, we must be doing this as a group effort/submission.

Noreen Moore presented the power point being used for the Outlook for 2009.
Debt of individuals is the primary issue in the banking bailout we find ourselves in right now. Income vs. spending is higher than income and Routt County lags behind the rest of the country by about 2 years. The top industries will be impacted by the downturn being construction, retail, etc. Health care and mining consumption will need to drop and retail will come down this year with a recovery being expected in the last quarter in 2009.

New technologies in energy development will grow with food shed and organic areas being enhanced. Broadband capacity will need to be improved as technical investments continue to grow with population increases. MyPlace, Twitter and Facepage will become the norm for communication in the years to come and our children will be experts with it all. We must work to keep up with developments.
Health care facilities are ample in our area and spending will increase. Household incomes are adjusting and home sales and prices are moving to better reflex our situation now. Construction and employment is decreasing. Noreen is having Scott Ford do charting for our County from 2001 to show growth and changes in Routt County. The Energy Office is doing a report of Global Energy patterns.
Noreen reminded us to do the survey either on paper or on-line about our resources and assets and to note if they are weaknesses or strengths with a due date of November 14th. She needs all of us to do this asap!

In regards to the business descriptions for Chrysti, we need 3 or 4 descriptive words for each business. They should be sent via e-mail to Karen and then the e-mail addresses will be captured for future use.

Next Meeting: November 24th, 2008, Yampa Town Hall, 7:00 PM

Adjourn: 8:40 PM Thank-you!

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Tussey
SREDC Secretary

Secretary’s Report: Karen Reported that we are in an enterprise zone and that a meeting will be held October 16th in Oak Creek. Please invite any and all businesses located in South Routt to learn about the options available to us as small business owners. It is also possible that we as an organization could possibly donate and have a better tax position. Some of these things will be addressed during this meeting. Federal and State tax credits are possible.

Noreen Moore: Business Resource Director – Not present but will be at our October meeting.

Next meeting: October 27th, 2008, 7:00 PM, Yampa Town Hall

Adjourn: 8:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Tussey
Secretary SREDC