Elevation Population
7413 ft.

The Community of Phippsburg Historic Phippsburg P-Burg Tracks
The community was a major hub for the Denver Northwestern & Pacific Railway (DNW&P) at the turn of the century, then in 1913 David Moffat's dream railroad was reorganized under the name Denver & Salt Lake Railroad (D&SL). In 1947 it was again reorganized and merged with Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW).

Phippsburg Today
Affectionately known as P-burg, Phippsburg is very well known in the railroad business. It is home to many workers in the switching yards. Today the railroad is still very active with shipping coal from the local coal mines. P-burg is a small, unincorporated community with several businesses and a post office.

Phippsburg Businesses

Phippsburg Post Office

Hwy 131, Phippsburg 80469

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