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South Routt's Communities

A bit of the history of South Routt

Ute Indians following game trails were first to come to the valley. The Indians named the river "Yampa" after a turnip-like plant that grew along its banks.

In the early 1800's came the ranchers. The valley was open and cattle roamed freely until cowboys gathered them in the fall, and moved them to a lower altitude for wintering.

At the turn of the century, Oak Creek boomed because of five coal mines in the vicinity. There were more saloons in town than any other business, and gambling and gunfights were everywhere! The Yampa Valley attracted many colorful people.

Although the 21st Century has come to the Yampa Valley, you can still see the remains of the "Old West " in the cattle drives through town and log cabins alongside the highway.


Routt County Commissioners:
Nancy Stahoviak, Doug Monger, Diane Mitsch Bush
Phone: 970-879-0108
Fax: 970-879-3992

Routt County Sherriff:
Gary Wall
Phone: 970-879-1090

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